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Silicone precision rubber roller

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Silicone precision rubber roller

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Silicone precision rubber roller

Polyurethane rubber roller)

Polyurethane rollers

The hardness index of polyurethane roller is wide, from HSA15 to HSD80, which can meet the hardness requirements of different types of printing presses. The polyurethane rubber roller has sufficient surface viscosity to ensure good ink transfer and ink transfer performance during the printing process, and its good ink affinity ensures high quality printing. Polyurethane rubber rolls have good chemical properties and are suitable for all types of inks and printing methods. It has special resistance to solvent components in various ink fountain solutions and cleaning agents. Polyurethane rubber roller is also suitable for IV ink rubber roller and varnish rubber roller, etc., especially for diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, kerosene, alcohol and brine solution. Polyurethane rubber roller has excellent physical properties. The long-term use of rubber roller will not become hard and aging, and it has good tear resistance, good resilience and excellent wear resistance. Therefore, it has a long service life and is easy to store. Long-term storage does not affect the use. Effective; able to withstand high pressure, high speed, high humidity production environment. Experiments show that

The tensile strength and wear resistance of the polyurethane rubber roller are 3 times and 5 times that of the natural rubber rubber roller; the compression set is good for resilience; the service life of the polyurethane rubber roller is more than 3 times that of the general rubber roller. Polyurethane rubber rollers have excellent hydrophilicity, so they can be used as water and alcohol dampening system rubber rollers. Polyamide rubber roller has high strength, compression resistance, shear resistance, wear resistance, strong adhesion to metal and no degumming.

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