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Observe the performance of rubber roller aging phenomenon

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Observe the performance of rubber roller aging phenomenon

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Observe the performance of rubber roller aging phenomenon


The aging phenomenon of rubber rubber rollers has the following performance:

(1) When the rubber rubber roller is stretched, ozone cracks on the surface, and the ozone crack of the rubber rubber roller has a critical stress. When the elongation of the rubber or the stress is lower than the critical value It does not crack when ozone aging occurs.

(2) Ozone aging of rubber rubber rolls is a surface reaction, and the unstressed rubber surface has a reaction depth of 10-40 molecules.

(3) When the rubber rubber roller is cracked, the direction of the crack is perpendicular to the direction of the force, which is the difference between the crack of the ozone and the cracking caused by the photo-oxidation.

Established in 2011, Dongguan Tide Precision Hardware & Rubber Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D and production. The company's main products are polyurethane (PU) and rubber series products. It has always been based on the business philosophy of “Gongcheng Mankushengfu, Chengxin Exhibition”. Using professional production and testing equipment to continuously improve product quality, and strive to produce products with high precision and stable quality.

The product adopts high quality imported polyurethane PU material, which has the advantages of high cancer resistance, high aging resistance, high solvent resistance and long service life. It is suitable for financial packaging metallurgy, ceramics, furniture, food, printing, printing and dyeing, aviation, aerospace, coal, textile. In the petroleum, packaging and other industries, all kinds of large and small rollers are encapsulated and processed.

High-quality products and caring service are the basic guarantees for us to be based on the leading position in the industry, and also the most suitable choice for you to find long-term partners.

The company will continue to provide more excellent products and perfect technical services, and make more efforts for customer development!

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