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Germany developed a new rubber roller grinder

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Germany developed a new rubber roller grinder

Date of release:2018-07-13 Author:深圳市特德橡塑制品有限公司 Click:

Germany Rosenk Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has recently successfully developed and launched a smart and economical rubber roller grinding machine at the Ho Chi Minh Textile Trade Fair in Vietnam, namely the manual rotary cylinder high-precision rubber roller grinding machine. This kind of grinding machine has the characteristics of precise grinding, easy operation and reasonable price. It is widely used in the grinding of all conventional rubber rollers such as air spinning machine, ring spinning top roller, flyer top roller, roving top roller and open top roller. .

It is reported that this new roller grinder is equipped with a central arm or lever, so it can be ground and polished by loading and the other side. And this new type of grinding machine is equipped with accessories such as dust-proof row and diamond-polished stone.

The new grinding machine has a maximum diameter of 50 mm and a length of 170 mm. The machine can handle up to 240 rolls per hour and can reach up to 360 at most. Moreover, with this new type of rubber roller grinding machine, the kelential deviation of the rubber roller after grinding is not more than 0.02 mm. Make it more accurate and of better quality than before.

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