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Japans plus rubber roller enters China

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Japans plus rubber roller enters China

Date of release:2018-07-13 Author:深圳市特德橡塑制品有限公司 Click:

It is reported that the company has recently established a factory in Suzhou, and has established Jiaguan Rubber Roller (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. It is understood that the plant is a joint venture with Huacheng (Suzhou) Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., mainly to develop the Chinese market and strengthen user demand. Founded in 1898, Japan Kasho is a pioneer in the printing roller industry in Japan and the world. Its products cover the industrial and printing industries and are the suppliers of many well-known offset printer manufacturers in Japan. According to the company's network department, the frequency and attention of visiting the company's website in Suzhou recently increased significantly. Perhaps it is the research and analysis of Japanese companies on the industry. This time Japan has entered China, and it has advantages and disadvantages for the development of China's rubber roller industry. At present, the development of rubber roller market in China is still mixed, and the demand for rubber rollers with high quality and good stability is very high. The domestic production of high-end polyurethane rubber rollers The products can not fully meet the market demand, and the production technology still has a certain gap compared with the developed countries. The entry of foreign advanced enterprises is beneficial to the development of the rubber roller industry in China to some extent, and solve the existing problems, especially It is the development of the high-end market. While advanced foreign companies are stationed in China, advanced technology has also been brought into China. This has greatly improved the production technology of rubber rollers in China, and can fill the domestic gap for certain specific products. When more and more foreign advanced enterprises enter China and occupy more market share, domestic large and medium-sized enterprises will increase research and development efforts in order to gain more market share, continuously introduce advanced technology, continuously innovate and improve products. At the same time, we will also look to the foreign market. While stabilizing the domestic market share, we will continue to explore foreign markets and benefit the benign development of the rubber roller market. According to the analysis of the company's technology and market personnel: Due to the small scale of China's rubber roller production enterprises, poor equipment level and backward technology, most of the products are medium and resistant, and can only be used on medium and low speed offset printing machines, and the service life is Not very long. The presence of foreign companies will cause some small businesses to fail to survive and fail. For some products with higher technical content, there may be a monopoly situation. At present, most of China's high-end offset printing machines are imported from abroad, and rubber rollers are also imported, which is basically in a monopoly position, which has a certain impact on China's high-grade rubber roller manufacturing market. Shengmao rubber roller feels fierce competition, but also feels full of opportunities. Domestic enterprises will increase their research and development strength in the face of competition from foreign companies, and will eventually narrow the gap with foreign companies, just like home appliances such as color TV, mobile phone and air conditioner. same. When foreign rubber roller enterprises enter China, Chinese enterprises should seize the side that is beneficial to us, introduce technology, pay attention to the increase of varieties, improve product quality and grade, and vigorously develop brand effect and establish their own brand.

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