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Special high temperature silicone roller

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Special high temperature silicone roller

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Special high temperature silicone roller

Alias: high temperature resistant silicone roller, high temperature resistant rubber roller, hot stamping wheel, bronzing drum, printing wheel, hot stamping roller, hot stamping silicone roller, hot stamping roller, thermal transfer rubber roller, thermal transfer silicone roller , heat transfer silicone roller, heat sealing rubber wheel, book edge hot stamping wheel, high temperature resistant caster, hot stamping roller, thermal transfer silicone roller, thermal transfer silicone roller

Material: high temperature resistant silicone rubber, silicone rubber. Steel, iron, aluminum alloy

Performance: Imported silica gel and ingredients, good elasticity. High temperature resistance (250°C-500°C), long service life, can be made according to customer requirements, different specifications, color, hardness (such as: Shore A hardness: 25-95A), etc. (different performance and price, please specify when ordering Claim).

Uses: bronzing machine, hot press, edge banding machine, heat transfer machine, laminating machine supporting consumables, used in all kinds of household appliances, audio, furniture, wood flooring, skirting, photo frame, glass, stainless steel, painted surface , the book is bronzing, hot silver and thermal transfer process packaging. It can also be used as a high temperature resistant silicone rubber fitting for abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, transmission or sealing.

Specifications: inner hole × outer diameter × length unit mm

38X100X300 40x100x30038x140x30038x100x40058x125x300

20x74x30060x125x30038X100X600 38X100X400 41x100x300

30X200X* (with aluminum core) 38X100X2030X120X* (with aluminum core)

Other special specifications can be made according to user requirements. Welcome to order samples.

Instructions for use:

1. When the machine is turned on, the rubber roller must be rotated. The starting temperature is controlled within 100 degrees, and the flat surface of the rubber roller is uniformly heated.

2. After the temperature of the inside and outside of the rubber roller is the same (heating and shrinking will cause the rubber roller to rupture), the heating is repeated 10 degrees each time to the required working temperature.

3. Slowly increase the temperature and pressure before working. Sudden increase of pressure or temperature will seriously damage the rubber roller.

4. Mechanical shutdown requires first to turn off the temperature, keep the rubber roller rotating and evenly dissipate heat, and then stop the rubber roller after the temperature is cool.

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