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Manufacturing process of rubberized wheel

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Manufacturing process of rubberized wheel

Date of release:2018-07-13 Author:深圳市特德橡塑制品有限公司 Click:

1) The mandrel only bears the bending moment, such as the axis of the drum set;

2) The shaft is subjected to bending moments and torques at the same time, such as the shaft of the drive roller set;

The material of the shaft is generally carbon steel or alloy steel which is rolled or forged. The usual material is medium carbon steel. Forty-fifth steel is commonly used for shafts with large force and limited size, and some Specially required shafts are available in alloy steel. The material is made of tetra-chromium. If necessary, the shaft is usually subjected to heat treatment or surface strengthening treatment to improve its mechanical properties and wear resistance. At normal temperature, alloy steel and carbon steel The modulus of elasticity differs very little, so the use of alloy steel does not increase the stiffness of the shaft;

The material of the shaft is generally subjected to quenching and tempering treatment. For the drive roller group, when the shaft strength index does not meet the requirements, the combined quenching and tempering treatment may be selected, and the allowable stress check according to the symmetrical cyclic bending;

The technical requirements for the design of the barrel are:

1) When the barrel is curled, it follows the rolling direction of the steel sheet;

2) the amount of misalignment at the joint is not more than 1 mm;

3) Ultrasonic or X-ray inspection of longitudinal welds after laminating:

1 ultrasonic flaw detection is carried out 10%, and the weld seam reaches the standard level 2;

2-ray flaw detection starts from the end of 20% of the total length of the probe, the weld seam reaches the national standard level 2, if the length of the unqualified flaw detection doubles, if the double is still unqualified, the full-length flaw detection is carried out until the requirements are met;

4) The roundness tolerance after the roll is rolled should not exceed 0.5;

5) Material: Q235 steel with a yield strength of 235 N/m2;

For medium-sized drum sets and light-duty drum sets, when the outer diameter of the hub is greater than 220mm, cast steel is used. For the light-duty drum set, when the outer diameter of the hub is less than 220mm, hot-rolled round steel is used, which should conform to national standards.

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