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The role of electrostatic roller

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The role of electrostatic roller

Date of release:2018-07-13 Author:深圳市特德橡塑制品有限公司 Click:


The electrostatic roller is divided into two categories: manual electrostatic dust removal rubber roller and cleaning machine supporting electrostatic dust removal rubber roller. It is widely used in PCB exposure film, AOL inspection, film dry film, screen printing, LCD production, glass surface, film and other flexible board surface, as well as clean room in metal color plate production, which can remove board dust, fiber, hair, Copper scraps, etc., have contributed greatly to preventing the occurrence of scrap rate and stabilizing product quality.

It has the characteristics of smooth surface, durable, no chipping, aging, surface hardness and so on.

The electrostatic precipitator roller is also suitable for the cleaning of flexible surfaces such as glass surfaces and film.

Product Usage

Applications: Photoelectric board surface cleaning: TFT-LCD, STN, TN, light guide, polarizer, optical glass, optical acrylic and other substrate surface cleaning. Printed circuit board cleaning: The surface of the substrate such as copper foil substrate, ceramic substrate, film button, and touch panel is cleaned before coating, before bonding, before pressing, before printing, and after cutting. All kinds of screen printing materials: film, nameplate, PC, PP, PE, PET, release paper, etc. before coating, before lamination, before pressing, before/after printing, after cutting.

Product technical guidance;

The electrostatic dust removing roller of the machine can be combined with the dust roller to transfer the dust impurities adsorbed by the rubber roller, so that the electrostatic dust removing roller keeps the cleaning effect under working condition.

The equipment rubber roller can be customized according to the drawings; it can also be used for customer's door measurement, design and manufacture as needed; it can also be refurbished with old roller and with shaft encapsulation. Guarantee quality and prompt delivery.

The manual electrostatic precipitator roller is used in conjunction with the sticky paper to ensure the self-cleaning of the rubber wheel is effective for a long time. ABS engineering plastics, reinforced nylon and other materials, a variety of handles, unique elastic roller, roller rotation freely, comfortable to use.

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