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How to properly maintain the rubber roller

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How to properly maintain the rubber roller

Date of release:2018-07-13 Author:深圳市特德橡塑制品有限公司 Click:

As one of the important parts of the offset printing machine, the rubber roller is suitable for maintenance and maintenance, which contributes to the improvement of production efficiency and yarn quality. Therefore, how to use and maintain the rubber roller scientifically and correctly is very important. In the maintenance of the rubber roller, the scientific control standard, processing standard, and use standard are established, and the foundation of the uniform management of the rubber roller is established, which is beneficial to prevent the entanglement, breakage, cracking, cracking, falling off of the rubber roller.

The correct maintenance method for the rubber roller is as follows:

1. Ensure the lubrication of each bushing and shaft seat

In actual work, the water roller seat and the ink roller seat are often severely worn, and the roller will be crushed after the bearing is broken, which will cause greater loss. Therefore, before all the rubber rollers are installed, the bearings, bushings, shaft seats, brackets, etc. on both sides of the rubber roller should be smeared with lubricating oil to reduce the friction force of the ink roller due to the back and forth movement of the ink roller and its bearing. The friction of the seat.

2, the maintenance of the various colors of the printing machine

The rubber roller of any printing machine will gradually become smaller after 2 to 3 months of use, thus affecting the accurate transmission of water and ink. At this time, the rubber rollers of each color of the printing press should be sequentially maintained, and the pressure between the rubber rollers should be re-adjusted.

3, the cleaning of the rubber roller

The rubber roller should have good ink absorption and ink transmission, and the surface of the high-quality rubber roller is fine and smooth. However, since the rubber roller has to be in contact with water, ink, paper, etc. for a long time, it is inevitable that residues will accumulate on the rubber roller. Although the rubber roller is cleaned every time, some residues cannot be completely washed away. Over time, a smooth crystal layer similar to calcium is formed, which is firmly attached to the surface of the rubber roller and blocks it. Capillary pores make it lose its elasticity and become harder, which seriously affects the ink transfer and water transfer performance, so that it is impossible to stably control the ink color of the print.

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