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What are the hardness requirements of the rubber roller?

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What are the hardness requirements of the rubber roller?

Date of release:2018-07-13 Author:特德橡塑制品有限公司 Click:

1. The rubber roller rubber surface has good hardness and elasticity, and the rubber surface has low hardness. Under certain operating conditions, the rice has a small pressing force in the working area and is not easy to damage the rice grains. However, if the hardness is too low, the pressing force acting on the grain is too small, and the tearing action is correspondingly reduced, so the rate of shelling is low. Based on experience. Rubber rollers should not be used continuously for too long. Otherwise, the rubber surface will be fatigued due to friction and heat.

2, the rubber surface with low hardness, after friction and heat, it is easy to be soft and wear, so the service life of the rubber roller is also short. If the hardness of the rubber roller is too large, the elasticity is poor, and the rubber surface is not easily deformed under pressure. Under the same operating conditions, the pressing force of the rice is relatively large, and the generated broken rice is correspondingly increased; and because the rubber roller is too hard, the rice is thick. The contact area with the rubber surface is reduced; the friction between the two is also weakened, so that the shelling rate is reduced; in addition, the hard rubber has poor toughness and is not wear-resistant, and intense noise is often generated in the work. Therefore, the hardness of the rubber roller is too low and too high, which has an adverse effect on the effect of the valley and the gel consumption. It is better to have a hardness of about 85 degrees at normal temperature.

3. In order to maintain the proper hardness of the rubber roller during work. It not only reduces the process effect, but also increases the glue consumption. If the rubber roller works continuously for 8 hours, the initial gel consumption is 173.84 cubic centimeters per hour, and finally increases to 328.4 cubic centimeters per hour, with a difference of 154.56 cubic centimeters per hour. Therefore, it is best to change the rubber roller every shift, and in the summer it is required to replace it 4 hours to improve the usage rate of the rubber roller. Not only is it an important factor affecting the process performance of the equipment, as described above. Moreover, it is related to the economic benefits of the company. We calculate according to the processing of 30,000 tons/year of rice: 0.5 kg of output per kilogram, so that 150 tons of whole rice will be added in the whole year, such as the difference between whole rice and broken rice. Calculated at 0.8 yuan per kilogram, the annual economic benefit will be increased by 120,000 yuan (this does not include the saved electricity and rubber consumption).

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