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What is the rubber layer of the rubber roller?

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What is the rubber layer of the rubber roller?

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Mounter rubber roller

The rubber layer of the rubber roller refers to a thick layer of rubber material attached to the surface of the rubber roller. The performance of many things depends on what material it uses. For example, rubber rollers are an example of this. The rubber layer material plays a decisive role in the performance and quality of the rubber roller.

Why do you say this? The rubber layer of the rubber roller should be selected according to the environment that is not used, such as abrasion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid resistance, salt resistance, water resistance and so on. In addition, there are hardness, elasticity, color, etc., which are all based on the use environment and customer requirements. Based on these requirements, we can determine which rubber layer material is used for the rubber roller.

Taking the printing rubber roller as an example, the rubber layer material has two types of ink roller and water roller.

1 The ink roller in the printing rubber roller is used to transfer the ink, so the rubber must be inked. Because of the long-term contact between the rubber layer and the ink, it must have a certain ability to resist ink corrosion. At the same time, the speed of the offset printing machine is very high, and the rotation speed of the ink roller is also high, so that the rubber layer is heated seriously, thereby accelerating the aging of the rubber compound. Therefore, the rubber roller is easy to use and durable, and the requirements for the rubber compound are also high.

2 The water roller in the printing rubber roller is used to transfer water, so it must be hydrophilic and at the same time resistant to water corrosion. The hardness is usually lower than that of the ink roller, generally between HS and 30 °, and the hardness is easier to be uniform in water and easier to adjust. The ink roller and water roller of the offset printing machine are traditionally made of butadiene rubber, but each has its own emphasis on the formulation of the rubber compound. Of course, other materials can also be used as long as the requirements for use are met.

all in all. The use of the rubber layer of the rubber roller is still very particular, we can not choose a trade. Otherwise, it will not only affect the performance of the rubber roller, but even damage various machinery. Be careful when using it later!

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