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Six advantages of rubber rollers for printing presses

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Six advantages of rubber rollers for printing presses

Date of release:2018-07-13 Author:特德橡塑制品有限公司 Click:

Mounter rubber roller

Rubber rollers are mainly used in the printing machinery industry. Why do mass-printed products use rubber rollers as accessories? Because rubber rollers for printing have six advantages:

1. The rubber roller looks bright and bright from the appearance, the surface of the gel is fine and smooth, and the glue and the core are firmly bonded. The size of the rubber roller does not change greatly at different temperatures, and it can adapt to high temperature and high humidity environment or cold and dry weather conditions.

2. The rubber roller colloid has sufficient surface viscosity. Therefore, the rubber roller has good ink transfer property and ink discharge performance in the printing process, and good ink affinity can ensure high quality printing.

3. Excellent chemical properties, suitable for various types of inks and printing methods, very suitable for UV type rubber rubber roller and varnish rubber roller. (especially good solvent resistance to diesel, gasoline, dampening oil, kerosene, salt water, etc.)

4. Excellent physical properties, long-term use will not make the rubber roller hard and aging, and tear resistance, good resilience and excellent wear resistance. Long service life, easy to store, long-term storage does not affect the use of results. In the unbearable pressure of natural rubber rubber rolls and synthetic rubber rolls, high-speed rotary machines, high-temperature, high-humidity production environments can also operate as usual without impact (the rubber roller's tensile strength, wear resistance is a natural rubber rubber roller It is 3 times to 5 times. Compression set, resilience and wear resistance are better than those of synthetic rubber rubber rolls (such as nitrile rubber rolls).

5. The rubber roller is easy to clean. It is very easy to convert dark and light inks in production. As a plate roller for some printing presses, it can stick to the characteristics of paper wool, dust and anti-sticking powder on the printing plate, and does not require frequent loading and unloading cleaning. Easy to produce.

6. Because special formula is added to the polyurethane material, the internal structure of the molecule is changed, and the strong gene with good affinity to water is introduced and increased, thereby improving the surface tension and surface water absorption of the material against water. Therefore, it is used as a dampening water and an alcohol series rubber roller, which is excellent in effect.

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