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Choose the rubber roller to pay attention to those aspects

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Choose the rubber roller to pay attention to those aspects

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Rubber rubber roller selection:

Rubber is divided into two major categories: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. There are many kinds of synthetic rubbers. The advantages and disadvantages are different. Therefore, the selection of rubber materials is extremely difficult, but it can be carefully selected according to the following factors.

1. Chemical resistance - to meet the oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance, in synthetic rubber, such as printing rollers must be resistant to solvent, oil, acid and so on.

2. Physical properties---Rubber elasticity, buckling, impact, wear, etc. Physical properties affect the service life and product quality of rubber rollers. Care must be taken. For example, the rubber rollers of the plastic film industry must be flexible and wear-resistant. Damage.

3. Economics---The rubber roller has a very large price change due to different materials. Therefore, the value and life should be measured from time to time. For example, ordinary heat-resistant 150-degree rollers must use high-priced rubber.

4. Heat resistance - high temperature use is easy to make rubber aging, in addition to the design of the core must consider the cooling system, the rubber material must be carefully selected, such as plastic industry, paper industry, not only to consider the wear resistance Consider heat resistance and heat dissipation.

Selection of silicone roller: (with solid silicone roller and liquid silicone roller)

1. It has high wear resistance, can resist the pattern of deep-grain flower roll without wear, and is more wear-resistant than PU rubber roller.

2. Excellent high temperature resistance, the maximum operating temperature can reach more than 250 degrees,

3. Has good release and anti-stick properties, can be used for high viscosity plastic..

4. Good thermal conductivity,

5. Excellent antistatic property, can produce ultra-thin plastic film without sticking roller.

6. The rubber roller with sanding is evenly distributed, and it can produce liquid silicone roller with higher matt requirement.

The above liquid silicone roller is dominant. The main advantage is that the liquid silicone roller surface has no seam, no streaks, smooth and flat. The thermal expansion coefficient is small, the production speed is fast, and the disadvantage is 1. The product price is higher than the solid silicon. Rubber roller. 2. Poor tear resistance

If you want to replace the rubber film with a rubber roller or produce a film that cannot be blown normally, (high-brightness transparent film or a product with a mirror on one side), you must choose nano silica reinforced mirror liquid silicone roller. This product is currently used. For the production of transparent glossy PEVA, EVA or PU film products.

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